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Solar Electricity

Solar power is generated by conversion of sunlight into electricity using photovoltaics (PV),Concentrated solar power systems use lenses or mirrors
Photovoltaics convert light into electric current using the photoelectric effect.

LED Lightings

Amazing energy savings, LED lights last up to 10 times longer than traditional lighting. Lighting that saves you money from day 1. Highest quality energy efficient LED lightnings, Certified electricians for a safe and easy installation

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We believe in making energy independence possible.

Universal Solar Solutions wants to sustain the green revolution and want to be a part of better future for next generations. We understand the immense power of sun and the year-on-year savings it brings to electricity bills.

Solar Solutions is 100% United States owned company specializing in solar energy based products. With ever growing business universal Solar has hired experts and professional people to offer excellent customer service and professional work.

At Solar Solutions, we believe in supplying latest technology and most efficient products to the Australian markets so that in longer term customers get better Return of Investment.

At Solar Solutions, we are committed in providing best quality products at most competitive prices through professional work and superior customer service.


"I recently had Solar install our solar system and I recommend your installation team highly-they were extremely friendly & professional and didn't leave a scrap behind them. We have never seen such an organised team of workers. Well done! "


"Excellent and professional service, also extremely friendly. Solar has been a great experience. The sales staff and local installers were very professional. Thank you so much for all your work getting our solar set up. It has been a pleasure having you on board as it will always be our intent to highly recommend you to anybody looking to go solar, looking for integrity and honesty in a tradesman. "

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